Flood Insurance Professionals Claims Association

FloodPCA is the first-ever professional organization dedicated to the flood insurance adjuster and the flood insurance industry – with a focus on a claims driven approach.

FloodPCA started in 2015 when a small group of dedicated life-long adjusters and adjusting companies came together with the goal to revolutionize and enhance the flood insurance claims industry. They believed that in order to be successful, they needed to make the flood insurance claims process more transparent to the general public and to stakeholders alike, educate its members and the flood insurance industry on efficient and innovative adjusting and claims handling practices, and provide a venue for the Flood Adjuster, FEMA, the Write Your Own Carriers, Private Flood Insurers, and other stakeholders to be able to share new ideas in an open and positive and professional environment.

Currently, the FloodPCA is comprised of many of the leading adjusting firms, and adjusters in the industry – who have decided to come together during these rapidly changing times as the flood program evolves, adapts, and embraces a positive future.

Why Become A Member of FloodPCA?

By partnering with the FloodPCA, you are establishing yourself as a claims professional in the flood insurance industry. You are someone who wants the industry to improve as a whole, and you want to do your part to see the future of the NFIP become a sustainable entity, now and into the future.

Partners will be able to help guide the next generation of flood adjusters, collaborate on the most cutting edge adjusting techniques and best practices, and help lobby FEMA and Congress on changes that will directly impact the flood adjuster in the field.