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Becoming a member of the FloodPCA will let everyone know that you are someone who not only takes your job seriously, but someone who wants to continuously improve. You want to expand on your current knowledge base, collaborate with other adjusters on best practices, and provide your ideas and input that the industry can rely on to make positive changes for the industry.

Levels of Membership

FCN Certified Adjuster

For adjusters who have a current FCN Number from FEMA

Prospective/Mentee Adjuster

For a current mentee adjuster or anyone looking to break into the flood insurance adjusting industry, but doesn‘t know where to start.

Flood Adjusting Firm (Non-Voting Member)

Business Membership for a Flood Insurance Adjusting Company.

Other Business Members (Non-Voting Member)

Interested stakeholders (engineers, remediation companies, software/technology companies, attorneys, etc.)

Carrier/TPA Representative (Non-Voting, Advisory Role)

Members of WYO Companies, TPA’s who service WYO’s, or Agents/Agencies that sell and/or service flood insurance policies.

FEMA Representative (Non-Voting, Advisory Role)

For employees of FEMA/NFIP.

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